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SERVING CROW COAST TO COAST: Back in the good old days when someone was proven wrong with their opinion or “Take”, their punishment was clear.  They ate CROW.  As the content world has evolved, everyone now has a platform to spit a hot take, share an opinion, and be their inner circles favorite journalist.  What if you were actually good at it?  So good that instead of eating your crow you were SERVING CROW.   We are a community of fans giving each other a voice to SERVE CROW to sports fans all across America.

Our Mission:

YOUR CITY, YOUR BETS, YOUR TEAMS.  Our mission is to give you Crow Worthy content that makes you a smarter fan, helps you serve crow and entertains you along the way.  If we can provide a few laughs, strong/witty opinions, personalities you love to love (or hate), and passion revolved around your city, mission accomplished.  Mostly importantly we owe our content gets your PAID! 


Our podcast network spans coast to coast focused on cities with the most rabid fan bases.  Listen and learn a thing or 2.


Entertaining and educational – follow our sports betting content to get help you get paid!


Our fantasy experts are here to help you serve your leaguemates.  Quick hits to help you be the smartest person in your fantasy room.

Your City:

We are bringing fire content about the city you come from, the city you love by the fan for the fan.  Check out our city pages to see if we the Crow Worthy nation has gotten local in your hometown!


We are constantly looking for creative voices that can turn their passion for sports into a career and build a brand.  Whether you have your own podcast and want to join our network, looking to just put your sports takes out for the world to see, or have great opinions you want to blog to the rest of America about, we would love to have you join the Crow community.  Can you serve?  Or will you BE served?



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