The 617 Podcast: New England Patriots: Dysfunction, Mayo’s Future, Brady’s Retirement with Karen Guregian

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In this episode of The 617, we are joined again by Karen Guregian, New England Patriot beat reporter for The Boston Herald, to discuss her and Andrew Callahan’s recent exposé on the dysfunction behind the scenes with the New England Patriots. The article can be found at the following link:
Karen shares with us the insights she gained from her investigation into the disfunction between new coaches Joe Judge and Matt Patricia, specifically regarding their inability to coach the Patriots’ offense. She explains how things were worse on the inside than what was visible from the outside, with the players seemingly having to teach Judge and Patricia the 49ers-style offense they were trying to install.

Next, we dive into Karen’s latest scoop about Patriots linebackers coach Jerod Mayo. According to her sources, we should hold off on speculation about Mayo having a new title in the future, although his role could change, and he may receive a pay raise.

We also discuss the path to recovery for the New England Patriots in the 2023 season and the potential impact of new offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien. O’Brien and Patriots QB Mac Jones were together at Alabama, leading us to speculate if their connection will be a big boost to the Patriots’ struggling offense. We also explore the offensive weapons that the Patriots could add in the offseason, including taking a wide receiver with the 14th overall pick, trading for established players like Tee Higgins, or reuniting Mac Jones with his former teammate at Alabama, Jerry Jeudy.
Finally, we touch upon the (hopefully) official retirement of Tom Brady and his impact on the NFL. We also speculate on how he will do as a broadcaster at Fox, and Karen has a great idea that fans of Manning Cast will love. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest episode of The 617!
0:00 Interview with Karen Guregian on the Boston Herald’s Patriots Exposé
0:30 Interview with Karen Guregian on Dysfunction Within the New England Patriots Organization
4:04 Analysis of Bill Belichick’s Decision-Making Process in the New England Patriots Clubhouse
13:04 Analysis of Joe Judge’s Failed Tenure as Head Coach of the New York Giants
10:39 Leadership of the New England Patriots Offense
11:35 Bill O’Brien’s Impact on the Patriots Coaching Staff
16:58 Joe Judge’s Role in the New England Patriots Organization
20:14 Bill Belichick’s Leadership Style and the New England Patriots’ Future
24:41 New England Patriots’ Coaching Decisions”
29:56 Discussion on Matt Patricia’s Potential Role with the New England Patriots
36:02 Examining the Impact of Coaching Decisions
42:18 Repairing the Relationship Between Mac Jones and Bill Belichick
45:04 Mac Jones’ Strengths and the Value of Jakobi Meyers
52:48 New England Patriots 2023 Draft Strategies
59:11 Tom Brady’s Retirement
1:04:33 Tom Brady’s Transition to Broadcasting.
1:07:35 Tom Brady’s Potential Move to Broadcasting
1:14:33 Will Eill Bill O’Brien bring back the 2011 Patriots’ Offense
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Hosts: Michael Marcangelo, Joe Malkin, Rayshawn Buchanan, Craig D’Alessandro
Guest: Karen Guregian from The Boston Herald
Producer: Craig D’Alessandro

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