The 617 Podcast: Patriots in Crisis: Examining the 2022 Disaster and Offseason Changes Needed

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Crow Worthy

In this episode of THE 617, we delve into the New England Patriots’ disappointing 2022 season, which saw them finish 8-9 and miss the playoffs for the second time in three years. The main topic of discussion will be the decision to hire Matt Patricia, a former defensive coordinator and head coach of the Detroit Lions, as the Patriots’ offensive line coach and senior football advisor and his impact on the team’s offense which fell from 10th to 26th in the league, despite his lack of experience on the offensive side of the ball.

We’ll also examine the team’s underperformance on the offensive side, including the offense and the offensive line. The podcast will discuss the head coach Bill Belichick’s decision-making and what could be the next step for the team to improve for the 2023 season. The team’s free agency, the 14th pick in the NFL Draft, and the potential new hires and acquisitions will also be discussed, including recently fired Kliff Kingsbury and Bill O’Brien as potential offensive coordinators, as well as targets for the draft, such as Tee Higgins, DeAndre Hopkins, and Mac Jones’ former teammate at Alabama, DeVonta Smith. We’ll also address the potential future of some long-time Patriots players, such as Devin McCourty and Matthew Slater, who may consider retirement after the 2023 season. Finally, we’ll analyze the team’s performance and the steps they can take to bounce back in 2023. Don’t miss this episode of ‘The 617′ for an in-depth analysis of the New England Patriots’ season and the road ahead, as well as an examination of the decision-making that led to this outcome and what it may mean for the future of the team.

0:00 Welcome to the show
3:43 Cam Achord, Matt Patricia, and Joe Judge: The Coaching Disasters of the 2022 Patriots Season
6:20 The Silver Lining: How the Patriots Can Learn from the 2022 Season
15:17 The Cold Hard Stats: A Breakdown of the Patriots’ 2022 Performance
18:22 Sunday’s Loss to the Bills: Was a Victory Even Possible?
24:29 Bill Belichick’s Frugal Spending: How Will it Impact the Patriots’ Offseason Moves
25:57 Suspensions: Is the Patriots Discipline System Flawed?
35:05 Improving the Offense: Potential Targets and Strategies
36:33 Targeting Tackles: Why the Patriots Should Prioritize the O-Line in the Draft
45:51 DeAndre Hopkins: What Will it Take to Acquire the All-Pro Receiver?
48:48 Bill’s Priorities: Why the Patriots’ GM is Focusing on Defense
52:59 The Patriots’ Free Agency Outlook: Who’s Staying and Who’s Going

1:01:55 Looking Ahead: What’s Next for the Patriots in 2023

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