The 617 Podcast: Who Leads The Race for NBA MVP Title: Tatum or Dončić?

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Welcome to The 617! On this week’s episode, we will start by addressing the injury of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin, who is still in critical condition at a Cincinnati hospital after going into cardiac arrest during a primetime game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Medical officials could restart Hamlin’s heartbeat on the field before he was transported to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for further treatment and testing. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Damar and his family during this difficult time.

Next up, we will take a closer look at the Boston Celtics’ 4-3 home stand, which followed a tough road trip that saw them go 4-2 but also suffer blowout losses to the NBA champion Golden State Warriors the LA Clippers. We will discuss the team’s performance and the key contributors to these victories. In the NBA MVP race, we will examine whether Jayson Tatum or Luka Dončić has the edge and whether Nikola Jokić is back in the mix after his impressive performances over the past month.

We will also discuss whether Tatum and Jaylen Brown are worthy of first-team all-NBA honors and if Rob Williams should be given a more significant role in the team’s rotation. We will also delve into the news that the Celtics have decided to keep Joe Mazzulla as an interim coach and discuss whether this decision will impact the team’s performance. Finally, we will analyze which players on the Celtics’ roster may be tradeable and address the rumor that the team may waive Noah Vonleh and give DeMarcus Cousins a tryout.

01:24 – Damar Hamlin injury update
03:51 – What does it feel like to see a freak accident happen to a professional athlete?
08:56 – Celtics Solid Homestead
13:45 – Are the Celtics taking a risk relying on Rob Williams’ health?
18:29 – Will reinserting Rob Williams into the starting rotation ruin the Celtics’ chemistry?
22:09 – Grant Williams is the only tradable Celtic
26:57 – Williams is not as important to the Celtics as Kendrick Perkins was
30:35 – Does Grant Williams add anything offensively to the Celtics?
33:02 – The best part about having an NBA League Pass: the halftime show
35:42 – Will Joe Mazzulla ever become the official head coach of the Boston Celtics?
39:15 – Tatum and Brown vs. the rest of the team
44:14 – Projecting a regular season team to the postseason
52:51 – Are the Celtics only as good as Jayson Tatum can take them?

58:15 – Defensive intensity is a problem for the Celtics

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Producer: Craig D’Alessandro
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