The 617 Podcast: The (Championship) Team That Never Was: The 2002 New England Patriots

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Crow Worthy

On this week’s episode of The 617, we look back on the 2002-2003 Patriots. We’ll discuss the key players and moments that defined that team, as well as the reasons why they were unable to repeat their success from the previous season.
This may be a welcome break from the current state of the Patriots team, and a nostalgic look at a simpler time for all of us. Although the 02 Pats couldn’t replicate the success of the previous year, this team had the building blocks of what would be come the best dynasty in the history of football.

Whether you’re a diehard Patriots fan looking for a trip down memory lane or simply a fan of football history, this episode is sure to provide some nostalgicically-tinged insight and perspective on one of the NFL’s most iconic teams.

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Hosts: Michael Marcangelo, Rayshawn Buchanan, Joe Malkin
Producer: David Clarke
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