Russell Wilson Will Be a Chicago Bear. Here’s Why.

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The NFL futures game is all about getting in early, before the nervous bettors get up enough courage to throw down some cash. Since Russell Wilson reportedly wants out of Seattle, the time is now to predict where he will end up. 

To be honest, I don’t blame Wilson for wanting to leave. The Seahawks have been in NFL purgatory ever since the Legion of Boom era ended. They shipped off two first-rounders for defensive end, I mean defensive back Jamal Adams. The defense gave up the third most passing yards last season, so maybe that wasn’t the best move. 

The offensive line is terrible and it always has been. Chris Carson is a free agent. With no draft capital and little young talent on the current roster, where does this team go from here? It doesn’t seem like they can go anywhere but rebuilding. So, Wilson should find his way out of the stacked NFC West and move elsewhere. Where will he go? The Windy City, baby.

Money Mitch Went Broke

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The Bears currently have +300 odds to roster Wilson by week 1 of the 2021 season. They trail only the Seahawks (-500). Matt Nagy’s squad was on the list of Wilson’s preferred destinations, and the fit makes a lot of sense. The Bears went 8-8 this year and snuck into the playoffs. That was with Mitchell Trubisky playing quarterback. Yeah, the same guy who has spent more time on Instagram meme pages than in the end zone.

The “Money Mitch” era is over in Chicago, and it’s no secret. In 2017, the Bears could have taken Deshaun Watson or Patrick Mahomes at #3. Instead, they traded up to draft Trubisky at #2. I’ve never seen a bigger “yikes” moment in the NFL in my life. Chicago should be unwilling to swing and miss on another quarterback. So why not pursue a proven superstar in Wilson? With Allen Robinson franchise tagged, all-pro defensive players, and a strong o-line, the Bears will surely try to get Russ and put themselves over the hump.

The MVP Thirst Is Real

Russell Wilson has been to the Pro Bowl seven times. He is a Super Bowl champion. He is, in all likelihood, a Hall of Famer. But people will not stop talking about his lack of an MVP award. You can tell that bothers him. A lot.  At this point, he’s not gonna get one in Seattle. He’s got to make it happen somewhere else. That is exactly why Chicago is a perfect fit. They are ready to take him to the mountain top right now.

The defense is filled with All-Pro and Pro Bowl level talent. Just two years ago, this team dominated opposing offenses and fantasy football managers who went against them. Allen Robinson is a top-10 receiver in the NFL (don’t you dare try and tell me this isn’t true). The o-line allowed only 36 sacks last season. Seattle allowed 48. This team already has everything Wilson could want. Now that the Cowboys are out of the picture, I’m sure Chicago is his ideal destination.

A Match Made In Heaven

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There’s no doubt that the Bears want Russell Wilson. And based on Wilson’s own admission, he would love to go there. These two want the same thing, so the only roadblock is the Seahawks. Why am I so confident they will cave and send away their star QB? Because both teams know that it is mutually beneficial, and both are willing to make big moves.

Jamal Adams, while not a traditional safety, is a stud. D.K. Metcalf makes the rest of the NFL look like schoolchildren standing next to him. There are pieces to build around in Seattle, but they need much more. Trading Wilson to Chicago would free up cap space and get back some first round picks. This will allow them to accelerate a much needed rebuild process.

Getting Russ would make the Bears instant contenders for the next couple of years. This team is already built to win now, all they need is a solid QB. Give them a star, and the rest of the NFC will collectively gasp in horror. Ryan Pace has shown a willingness to make big moves in the past. The Trubisky trade was idiotic yes, but it was a big move. The Khalil Mack trade was even bigger. Russell Wilson would be his crown achievement. It would also put him back in the good graces of Bears management and fans.

All In On Chicago

The Seahawks may be the favorites to have Russell Wilson next year, but I think the Bears are the more likely landing spot. Sure, these situations tend to result in the player returning. But this doesn’t feel like one of those situations. At +300 odds, betting on the Bears feels like a reasonable move. And let’s be honest, it’s way more exciting than betting on the Seahawks. There’s no glory in saying “I was right, he stayed in Seattle!” That’s too boring. But there is plenty of glory in saying the same about Chicago. 

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