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Gambling Cheat Sheet: UEFA EURO

Surely by now everyone knows about my vast, and unmatched soccer knowledge. Undoubtedly everyone respects my understanding of everything that happens on the ol’ pitch. Obviously you all respect my unquestionable insight another all that is futbol (not positive how to do those funny little lines above letters so get over it). If you are one of those people who don’t know everything I just listed…….well you’re going to learn today with this gambling sheet fellas.

The Euros is always an absolutely wonderful tournament. Especially for people like Jeremy whose dad was born in England, so I’m sure his half British ass sits there sippin the Queen’s tea and watching the matches. Bet he just acts like we, the USA, didn’t kick the dog shit out of his royal crown loving ancestors back in the day. If his ass ever gets mouthy I’ll shut him up faster than Paul Revere’s ride. U.S.A! U.S.A! Suck it Jeremy.

So I’m going to list my favorite 3 teams off left in the final 16 of the Euros. Should be simple right? Yes. Of course it is dummies. I’m writting this so early that the margin of line movement is going to be huge. These are my favorite teams to make(win) the championship.


Coming off an absolute ass whooping of Wales where they won 1-Nil, which sounds closer than the game truly was, I love their roster. They have speed on the outside, great defensive back end lines, and also take control offensively often. I am worried that their offensive possessions can get stagnant sometimes, but if they can maintain ball control, and keep flying triangles all over the pitch in protection mode, I think it’ll be hard to score on them.


How did Spain do last match? Well they only beat Slovakia 5-0 in one of the most dominant displays of ball control, and aggressive movement I’ve ever seen. The wingers for Spain are so extremely good, and the entire team has such quick touch ability that I’m not sure how you stop them. I’d love to see a Spain vs. Italy matchup because it would be a extremely good matchup. Spain lacks something in retreat, and often find themselves needing to work themselves back into position on defense, which could give them issues against a better attacking team. This is one of those teams where you need to score twice to even hope to be close. You can’t stop their forward attacking offense, you just hope to slow them down.


Arguably the most skilled and polished team as of late, Portugal is a team I really think has more than a fighters chance here. They most recently played to a draw with a very good France team, but they honestly looked good during it. In all transparency, I didn’t watch any of it, but I just watched 3 mins of highlights and they looked good. They are a very solid team that you can’t shake. They’ll be competitive in every game and that alone makes them dangerous.

Dark horse pick – Croatia

Wrapping this up……I’m only writing this gambling blog because Jeremy Orriss told me to write about this tournament. I’m not exactly a soccer savant…..I don’t think I’d even be categorized as a fan if we’re being honest, but damn it I’m a man of my word and if the damn British fella Jermey wants a soccer blog, you bet your ass I’ll give him one.

I actually had fun doing some research for this gambling cheat sheet. Soccer really is a underrated sport and I most definitely will be watching more often going forward, just as I hope you all do.