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Tough Look for the No-Show Astros

Four Houston Astros were selected as American League All Stars this season. None of them were at Coors Field for the All Star Game last night, as they all chose to opt out of playing the game.

That…will not help them get over the sign-stealing scandal.

Brantley and Pressly

You can give these two a pass. Michael Brantly has no reason to avoid any vitriol directed at him by fans or players, as he wasn’t even on the now-infamous 2017 Astros team. He’s been dealing with a nagging injury and, at 34, it makes sense for him to sit this one out if he wants to.

Ryan Pressly isn’t dealing with any ailment that we know of, but his pregnant wife is due, like, any minute now. Perfectly understandable for him to want to spend this time with her instead of playing in an exhibition game.

The other two Houston Astros All Star representatives? That’s where it gets a little more fishy.

Correa and Altuve

Carlos Correa and Jose Altuve, two of the main characters during and after the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal from a few years back, have shaky excuses.

Altuve claims he’s dealing with a “leg injury” that could potentially hurt him in the second half of the season if he plays, like, three or four innings in the All Star game. Mmmmmkay.

Correa, like Pressly, has a pregnant wife at home. Unlike Pressly, however, she is not due any time soon. It seems his excuse is he just wants to spend time with her during her pregnancy journey.

Both of these excuses could be perfectly valid and genuine. But it’s awfully convenient. Some would say a little too convenient.

The Music is Coming

The All Star game would have been the first time some of the central figures in the Astros’ scandal faced the inevitable vitriol of a national audience. It didn’t happen last year, as there were no fans in the stands. It hasn’t happened this season, as many stadiums still aren’t allowing a full capacity. Plus, regular season games aren’t anywhere near the level of the All Star game in terms of viewership.

But it’s coming.

Assuming the real reason Altuve and Correa didn’t show up to the All Star Game was because they didn’t want to face the deafening chorus of boos and the awkwardness of sharing a clubhouse with players who have spoken out against them, I think they should have sucked it up. ‘Cause now everyone thinks they ducked it. Fair or not.

They will have to face the music sooner or later. Perhaps if they would have played and taken their lumps like champs, people would have moved on from the issue a bit. Instead, all they did was defer their payment, while accruing even more interest.

When will this be paid off? Probably in the playoffs when the games really matter and the boos are unavoidable.

Unless Altuve’s leg hurts I guess?