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Tom Brady, 7x Super Bowl Champion

Tom Brady. Tom f*ckin’ Brady. What more can I say about the man? He’s now the winningest FRANCHISE in NFL history. He’s not even being compared to QBs anymore, he’s being compared to NFL Franchises. Tom Brady, the entity, has 7 Super Bowls which sits atop the all-time super bowl wins of NFL franchises! Tom Brady with 7 Super Bowls while the Patriots and Steelers sit behind him with 6 apiece.

I talked about him bringing the worst franchise in all of sports to the Super Bowl. I talked about why you should root for him at the beginning of the Playoffs. Now I’m here with writers block. What more can I say?! We’re simply seeing something we won’t ever again…. Until maybe next year. Tom Brady shows no signs of slowing down and that team is stacked! Partially thanks to Brady who seemed to be playing the role of GM this season in recruiting Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Brown, and Leonard Fournette to Tampa. It also looked like he was playing Head Coach last night as he was arguing with the sideline at one point about a play call. Brady eventually prevailed and the pass was an incompletion.

Did Tom Brady light up the stat sheet last night? Not particularly. He went 21-29 throwing for 201 yards with 3 touchdowns and no turnovers. Still good enough for Super Bowl MVP, his 5th time winning the award. He now has more Super Bowl MVPs than any other QB has Super Bowl wins!

The Buccaneers defense balled out – plain and simple. They held the high powered Kansas City Chiefs offense to 9 points. 3 field goals and no touchdowns by Patrick Mahomes, a 15/1 odds longshot. Mahomes was running for his life last night and his receivers did him no favors with few dropped passes. Todd Bowles, the Bucs Defensive Coordinator and that entire defense deserve a lot of credit, which I believe they’re getting. But the Brady storyline is too good and garnering all the headlines. Rightfully so! We won’t see anything like this again.

Many dubbed this game the “passing of the torch” from GOAT (Brady) to the next great in Mahomes. After last year’s Super Bowl, the Chiefs all started talking about an NBA-like dynasty in saying “”We plan to have another parade and another parade and another parade. We’re going to make sure we bring not one, not two, not three, not four, but five-plus rings to Kansas City.” That was a quote from Chris Jones, the Chiefs D-Tackle, which was then one-upped by Tyreek Hill saying “Why say five? Why not go seven rings? Right now we’re just chasing Jordan, so that’s what we do. So I’m going over five, and I’m saying seven.” Mahomes and the Chiefs needed that win last night to have a chance at 6 or 7 Super Bowls. Winning the Super Bowl is hard! It’s just Tom Brady who makes it look easy!!

After seeing those quotes by Tyreek Hill, Tom Brady retweeted the comments saying “Totally agree. Why not go for 7 rings…” Like Babe Ruth, calling his shot.

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. Champions again.

Two of Brady’s touchdowns went to former Patriots and the greatest Tight End of all-time, Rob Gronkowski and his 3rd touchdown going to former Patriot, Antonio Brown. I hope seeing their exes succeed rejuvenates the Patriots staff and players to make some improvements next year and the years after. Brady and Gronk left town and no surprise the Patriots have major holes at Quarterback and Tight End. Tough to replace the greatest of all time. Congratulations to Brady and the Bucs! Now if only the Patriots could get guys like that…