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The Yankees Will Right the Ship

The Knicks are good and the last place Yankees are one of the worst teams in baseball. What sort of alternate dimension have we slipped into?

None. The Bronx Bombers are going to figure it out. 15 games into a 162-game schedule is not a sample size to freak out over, dorks.

Positive Regression: It’s Coming

Giancarlo Stanton, Clint Frazier, Gleyber Torres, and Aaron Hicks are four ringers in this Yankees lineup. Each of them is hitting under .200 with an OPS under .650. Guys, do we not expect that to improve? These are all proven run producers, with the exception of Frazier, who is well on his way with his breathtaking bat speed and 125 OPS+ over his last two seasons. They are currently anchors on the motionless ship that is the Yankees offense. That will change. It could change immediately.

The pitching has been solid, with a team ERA of 3.60 with a 3.63 FIP, but even that offers room for expected improvement. The bullpen has been nails, while the starting rotation has been horrendous besides Gerrit Cole. Corey Kluber, Jameson Taillon, and Domingo German are rocking a 6.10, 7.56, and 9.00 ERA, respectively. All three of these guys came into this season as reclamation projects in one way or another, to be fair. But they’re certainly better than what they’ve shown. Cole is a top five pitcher in baseball; he is fully capable of being lights out all season long. The rest of the rotation will have their moments, however, if we allow their performances to settle back to the mean.

Aaron Boone is Safe

GM Brian Cashman said as much, but it bears repeating; Aaron Boone’s job is not in jeopardy. This is a player’s manager that has led the Yankees to two 100-win seasons in his three seasons at the helm (the other being last season and its 60-game schedule). Successful MLB managers are just as much psychologists as they are strategists, the result of being involved with such a mentally challenging sport. Boone knows how to get this team out of a funk; he’s been there as a player and manager. The #1 remedy? Patience.

He’s not hitting the panic button.

Brian Cashman isn’t hitting the panic button.

We shouldn’t either. It’s been 15 games.

The New York Yankees are still the New York Yankees.