The Wild Narratives Surrounding Trevor Bauer

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The media narratives surrounding Trevor Bauer are insane. They hate this man because he’s not a pawn and because he has a habit for being different. The MLB does the worst job of marketing their players than any other professional sport. Walking down the street, you’re more likely to recognize a mid-tier NBA/NFL player than an MLB player. Why is Bauer treated as this criminal who can’t pitch?  

Character Issues?

From Jason Miller, Getty Images

The deal he wants is big, but $40 million for the first two years with opt outs is really not that bad. You would be dumb to not want Trevor Bauer on your team, especially if your reason is that he is sexist. That claim is an Olympic level stretch job and is just mind-blowingly dumb. Be better, seriously. The man’s agent is a woman, one of the few in the league and he was her first client. If he was really sexist would he have happily chosen Luba as his agent? I don’t want to hear that whole comparison to the “he has black friends so he can’t be racist” narrative because that’s apples to oranges.

The next point on Bauer, is for those that decide they want to recklessly compare Bauer to Mickey Callaway and Jared Porter. That’s the most disrespectful thing I’ve ever heard to actual victims of sexual harassment. If you draw that correlation you should really take a step back and think about how wrong you are.

Was what Bauer did a great look? No, he took it too far, but for her to claim harassment is crazy. It’s Twitter, when you subtweet people especially those as polarizing as Bauer, you should be ready to face any backlash that comes to you. To claim he harassed them because they were women is another Olympic level reach. The guys a stud pitcher only getting better. You people hate on him but have no words about the Yankees having two domestic abusers on their pitching staff. Your priorities are backwards and the white knights need to chill out or find a new team. 

Performance Issues?

To the fans claiming Trevor Bauer to be just an average pitcher, Max Scherzer was very similar statistically before he signed with the Nationals. Do they regret that deal? No, it got them a World Series and a franchise player. Free agents are more signed off of recent production and the growth they can continue to show as opposed to five years ago. Both pitchers have a Cy Young award, and don’t start with that mickey mouse Cy Young garbage. When you look up 2020 Cy Young Winner you will see Trevor Bauer. End of discussion on that, save your breath.

Comparing the last two years Max spent in Detroit, he pitched 97 games, going 55-15 with a 3.24 era with on one complete game and one shutout in 622 innings.  Bauer’s two seasons he has pitched in 73 games (would be more if not for the COVID-shortened season), going 28-23 in with a 3.18 era. Bauer’s k/9 over that span is 11.2 as opposed to Scherzer’s 10.5 at the time. Pitcher wins is a worthless stat, as it is dependent on the rest of the team. Those Tigers teams were a lot better than the Reds.

Bauer is a magician with a ball who can be an elite number two pitcher.

Bauer Deal’s Impact on Mets

From Joe Patorno, AMNY

The Mets offered Trevor Bauer a huge deal weeks ago. it should have been obvious that LA was the move with how he let the Mets offer sit in limbo waiting for the Dodgers. While New York offered him more overall money, the Dodgers offered him $85 million in the first two years with the same opt out structure. The team can now shift their attention to more mid-level talent to round out the roster.

The hold up with no DH ruling in the NL is holding them back from moving forward in discussions as well as waiting on Bauer. Bauer taking so long tied up a lot of money. Until that resolved itself it would have been hard for them to commit money in other places. The Mets need one more starter, and Jake Odorizzi could be an intriguing option to be a back end starter. The Mets could re-engage the trade market for an upgrade at third base. They definitely need an upgrade in centerfield, and could shift to a Jackie Bradley type of player or just attempt to bring back Marisnick.

Offensively, the Mets should be very good but their defense is questionable in the outfield. The need a real defensive player to roam in center due to Dom Smith being forced to play left with no DH. This Mets team can still compete in a very tough National League East division. It will be very interesting to see how Steve Cohen and Co. round out the off-season.

While the Mets struck out on the big three free agents, this was still one of the most entertaining offseason ever for the team. Aquiring Lindor, Carrasco, May, and McCann, while also getting Stroman back is a successful offseason to me. Patience is key, just sit back and enjoy the ride. You are finally a fan of a big market team that is willing to put its money where its mouth is.

Impact on Dodgers

The Dodgers have cruised into the luxury tax currently at $240M, 30M over the threshold. Their payroll will be the highest in the league by a big margin, and they are still in talks with Justin Turner about a return. The Dodgers already had a top three rotation before Bauer. Now they have the best rotation in MLB with one of the top lineups coming off a World Series win. This team is so stacked, even though they lost some bench guys like Kike Hernandez.

One question about this deal is what it means for shortstop Corey Seager, who is an upcoming free agent in 2022. This team will enter as big time favorites and it will be interesting if they can win one in a full season. The pitching staff from top to bottom is very solid. Bauer most likely will stay around for the second year due to the money he’s due to make but we will have to just wait and see on how long this pairing will last. It should be very fun to watch this team every night as they have so much talent on the roster. There is so much star power in this lineup they will be much watch baseball every night.

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