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From Darren McCollester, Getty Images

The Patriots Won’t Stop for Brady’s Record. Petty?

The Patriots will reportedly “pause” tonight’s game when Tom Brady inevitably breaks Drew Brees’s all-time passing yardage record (he needs 68 yards). They will not completely stop the flow of the game and perform a ceremony, as was the case when Drew Brees broke the record. Is that petty? Yeah, a little. But fuck it, Brady is the opponent today.

Brady vs. Belichick

Much has been made of the Brady vs. Belichick matchup today, along with the events that led to Brady leaving the Patriots after two decades. A lot of it seems to be created by the media; they’re dying to establish a narrative of animosity between the two all-time greats. Who knows how they really feel about each other, but most of it seems like much ado about nothing.

This itty bitty little dig by (probably) Bill Belichick can be viewed as just that. A minor dig. Bill likely doesn’t want to disrupt the flow of the game for his players and coaches. History be damned. The Patriots are there to win. There will be a “pause,” like I said. So that’s something. There will also be a pregame video to honor #12, so that’s something else.

All bets are off when the game starts, though. A little pause to commemorate history is more than enough.

A Must-Watch

This could be the first and last time Brady and Belichick face off. They’re in opposite conferences and are up there in age, so don’t expect many clashes between the two GOATs, if there are any more. Brady now has this petty move by the Patriots to fuel him even more tonight, while Belichick will look to even the scales a bit with the QB who owns one more ring than him. Hopefully Mac Jones rises to the occasion.

It’s not as captivating as the Super Bowl, but it’s about as close as you can get in the regular season.