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Hello fellow degenerates, let me introduce you to the first ever installment of this little experiment. Now first off let’s get one damn thing straight. The whole point at this blog is to have some gambling fun. I’m not betting a full unit on this, instead I’ll be doing some light research on a completely random sport/bet, reporting my findings (if there are any) back to you guys, then sprinkling some moo-lah on said bet hoping to win some money that I don’t really deserve to win anyway.

Secondly, if any bets featured in this, or future, weird bet articles happen to lose I don’t want to hear anything from y’all. I’m literally telling you all that I don’t know shit about these bets aside from 5 minutes of research. Lastly, even I have “Bet of the Day” in the title, don’t you dare expect me to actually write one of these every day. I’ll write one whenever I damn well please…..And that’s the bottom line, because Terry Collins said so!

The Highly Anticipated Weird Bet

Handball– Santana 7.25/1 to beat FC Porto II

Let’s get the elephant out of the room shall we? I have no damn clue what to call these groups….Not sure if they are clubs, teams, hell they could be a team full of robots and I’d have absolutely no idea. Let’s get to the part why I try to explain the limited reasons why I’m betting on Santana to get this dub.

In their last 6 matches they’ve had 3 losses, 2 draws, and 1 win…..some may say that’s bad, but I say nay, they are ripe for a win! Coming off an amazing draw against a power house program like Santo Tirso, and having a win the match prior, I fully believe they have their mojo back….their swagger if you will.

FC Porto is the heavy favorite here, but I truly expect a let down game from them. This is the clear case of a “looking past game”. Porto is going to be looking past Santana and preparing for their next opponent. I expect Santana to jump out early and punch Porto in the face.

$20 dollars to win $145 is just too juicy to pass up. Let’s roll folks.

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