Patriots Lose by 29 on Monday Night Football

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The Patriots suffered their worst home loss and second worst defeat overall in the Bill Belichick era last night on Monday Night Football, versus the AFC Champion Buffalo Bills. To me, the game was over the second Stefon Diggs crossed the goal line on his first touchdown (of three) to put the Bills up 24-9 with 3:55 left in the second quarter.

No offense to speak of

24 points might as well be 100 points to this Patriots team. They have exactly no offensive firepower with their high school ground and pound offense. Cam Newton’s nine-yard TD run was their first offensive touchdown in ten quarters of football. That’s 2.5 football games (yikes). There was no way this team was going to catch up once the Bills broke 20 points.

Which leads to me a question all Patriots fans are wondering, why is Cam Newton still starting at Quarterback?

The Cam experiment needs to end

From David Butler II, USA TODAY Sports

Cam Newton is a shell of his former 2015 MVP self. He can’t throw with any sort of touch, accuracy, or arm strength down the field. Weirdly, his screen passes seem to have all the power behind the ball, while the throws 15 yards or more down the field look very weak. I texted my buddies saying when Cam Newton drops back to pass it looks like an incompletion before he even throws the ball. The whole operation just doesn’t look right.

It was cute seeing the graphic ESPN put up of Cam Newton tying the Patriots QB rushing TD record, held by Steve Grogan. I say cute because the rushing touchdown is ALL Cam Newton gives you. There is zero threat of a passing touchdown. They should’ve put up this graphic – Cam Newton has four more passing touchdowns than a receiver on his own team. Or this graphic – Alvin Kamara scored more TDs on Christmas than Cam Newton has passing touchdowns in 14 games in 2020.

I’m not going to get into the whole Belichick and Brady saga on this post today, but I will mention that Cam Newton’s lack of throwing ability burns 10x more when you see Brady throwing for 300+ yards and four TDs in a half for Tampa Bay.

What Stidham showed

Belichick FINALLY benched Cam for Jarrett Stidham in the 3rd Quarter with the game out of reach. Stidham’s stat line doesn’t look great; he went 4 for 11 for 44 yards. However, his passes at least had some zip on them and he was hitting guys in the numbers.

I don’t blame Stidham too much for his poor performance, as that’s an impossible situation to be thrown into. There’s a lot of pressure coming from Patriots fans yelling for him to start for the past three weeks. I’m sure his family and friends are all in his ear saying he should’ve started the season as QB1. And then to be thrust into Monday Night Football down by a million vs a very good Buffalo football team? Tough.

Diggs. Wow.

From David Butler II, USA TODAY Sports

I know a lot of Patriots fans and NFL players are bummed JC Jackson didn’t make the Pro Bowl, but Stefon Diggs might’ve shown why he wasn’t selected last night. Jackson played shadow coverage on Diggs and Diggs ran circles around the cornerback to the tune of nine catches for 145 yards and three TDs.

One more

As Belichick would say, we’re on to the Jets. Don’t look now, but New York has won back-to-back games against two playoff teams. This could a 6-10 season, folks.

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