Rapid-Fire NFL Week 7 Betting Analysis: Spreads

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Week seven is upon us. The twists and turns due to COVID-19 have definitely been impactful, but the season marches forward. Here’s some rapid-fire Week 7 betting analysis.

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Buffalo Bills v. New York Jets

Divisional rivals with an ocean of difference between them. However, 13.5 is putting a little too much faith in the Bills, who tend to play close games with the Jets. This one is safer picking the Jets.

Carolina Panthers v. New Orleans Saints

These two divisional rivals have good offensive teams. While -7.5 may be pushing it for the Saints, it is worth taking a risk.

Cleveland Browns v. Cincinnati Bengals

Another divisional matchup comes up this week between Cleveland and Cincinnati. The Browns have been surprisingly good. -3.5 is definitely a safe pick here.

Dallas Cowboys v. Washington Football Team

Dallas has taken a beating with Dak Prescott’s injury. However, Washington is 1-5 and has not shown much defensive potential. The spread here favors Washington by -1, but Dallas will likely rebound this week. It’s a wing and a prayer, but Dallas is the better option.

Detroit Lions v. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons haven’t been as good as they expected, but Detroit is not much better, despite the difference in records. Take the -2 spread for Atlanta, they’re due for something good to happen.

Green Bay Packers v. Houston Texans

The 4-1 Packers are taking on a Houston team that has not lived up to expectations. This one is easy- take the -3.5 spread for Green Bay; arguably the easiest pick in this Week 7 betting analysis.

Pittsburgh Steelers v. Tennessee Titans

One of these undefeated teams will lose their title this week. This will be a tight one, but the Titans’ offense will likely be what pushes them to a victory… by more than -1.5.

Seattle Seahawks v. Arizona Cardinals

Seattle has been impressive, and even though Arizona has shown some life, they won’t be able to defeat an undefeated club. The Seahawks will win by more than -3.5.

Jacksonville Jaguars v. Los Angeles Chargers

These are not teams currently in the running for playoff football, as they have both fallen short numerous times. The Chargers definitely have more offensive ability, but they won’t win by -7.5. Take the Jaguars here.

Kansas City Chiefs v. Denver Broncos

The 2-3 Broncos are no match for the 5-1 Chiefs, who have proven each week that they deserve their current spot at first in the AFC West. They’ll win by a large margin. It may be a bit far reaching, but take the risk with the -9.5 spread.

San Fransisco 49ers v. New England Patriots

The Patriots have definitely fallen from their throne in the NFL, now sitting at a mere 2-3 record. Take the -1.5 spread for New England, but do it with caution.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v. Las Vegas Raiders

The Buccaneers are favored here by -4. There’s not much difference between these teams, but it’s safest to go with the Bucs.

Chicago Bears v. Los Angeles Rams

While the Rams arguable have the better offensive talent, Chicago has been playing too well recently to argue with their results. The spread here is -6 in favor of the Rams, but take Chicago- they won’t disappoint.

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