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Interview with popular @BostonSportsThrowback

If you’re not following @bostonsportsthrowback on Instagram, you’re missing out. It’s my favorite account on Instagram (other than FridayBeers) and he does a great job dishing out nostalgic content. So if you’re a Boston Sports fan, this account will bring back tons of memories from the good ol’ days. They will also make you forget about the current state of Boston sports. The Red Sox and Patriots had disappointing seasons. The Celtics have been up and down season. The Bruins haven’t started yet, but they just gave up a fan favorite. Here’s what we talked about.

First tell us about yourself… Where did you grow up? Who was your favorite Boston Athlete growing up?

I grew up in Milford, MA. Just like everyone else who grew up with these guys: Tom Brady, David Ortiz, Paul Pierce and Patrice Bergeron were my guys. It’s impossible to not appreciate the amount of success they brought us, even if one of them is playing in Tampa Bay right now.

The content is gold. Some real gems there… How the hell do you find this content?

It’s easy to find the content. The hard part is thinking of the content, but I was very lucky to grow up with parents who brought me to Patriots, Bruins, Celtics and Red Sox games during my childhood. I try to remember those games and remember some of the random moments from visiting Fenway, TD Garden, or Gillette Stadium.

I also try to find something unique like an old Nomar commercial or a random picture of Pete Carroll as the Patriots coach. The more random the better.

What inspired you to create the @bostonsportsthrowback handle?

I think @bostonsportsthrowback is the only place people will see that type of content. I was inspired to start posting knowing there’s really no page on Instagram like it. There are thousands of Boston Sports fans I know would absolutely love @bostonsportsthrowback and maybe even some of the old Boston athletes would like it too.

RandomPicSaturday is such a funny weekly feature to me. It’s usually around 10 or 11am on Saturday and one of the first Instagram posts I see for the weekend. I always think to myself “oh yeah I forgot this guy was a Celtic”.

I have no idea why I picked Saturday but I wanted to find a way to show people what my page was all about. People love to see something different, so I figured a post with Trot Nixon, Ricky Davis, Joe Thornton and Lawyer Milloy would not only catch people’s attention but also be something everyone who grew up with Boston Sports would enjoy.

The content hasn’t all been sports. What’s made you throw up a pic of Gronk in the club or Paul Pierce and McLovin?

I like to think of pictures that if I showed my friends they would think “wow that’s cool”. So Paul Pierce and McLovin was a no brainer. The only reason my page got off the ground was because of my friends sharing my posts, turns out thousands of others around Boston love the same stuff.

Who’s been the biggest Boston icon to throw you a reshare or give you a shoutout?

Kevin Garnett reposted my page on his story a few times early on which is still insane to me. One was a video of the champagne celebration after the 2008 championship, my guess is that he’s already seen the “anything is possible” clip a million times and liked how something different was being shared.

What’s next for Boston Sports Throwback?

I’m going to keep focusing on posting consistent content that people love and see where it takes me. Whatever it is I’m not going to force anything.

Seriously give him a follow, you won’t be disappointed. It’s quality nostalgic content and it always gives you an “oh yeah I remember him” moment. Because that’s the type of content we need in these trying Bostons sports times.