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Well folks. Here we are. NBA Playoffs. The time of the year that Max Kellerman, Steven A. Smith and those absolute lunatics Jeremy Orriss and Ryan Pesciotta will overreact to every single win/loss of a series game. Over reactions will be plentiful, pessimism will be at an all time high, and quick draw take will be fired off only to ultimately be wrong. I’m the voice of reason in this group. The Messiah of sanity some would say. Simply put, my predictions are better. My logic is better. Hell, even my beard is better. And that’s the bottom line, because TC said so!

Do you smell what Terry is cooking??? Simple. NBA Playoffs Winners. *Disclaimer: I watched a couple wrestling docs lately so I apologize for the back to back wrestling quotes…. actually no I’m not, just get over it.

Betting expectations

From a gambling point of view I think we can mostly agree upon one NBA Playoffs betting strategy. That strategy is Value, maybe even dogs, in the West, and chalk in the East. I’m going to split up the East and the West and try to list my favorite team, favorite series, and dark horse team for these playoffs so hopefully y’all like this…..but to be fair even if you don’t, you reading it gave me another pageview so all in all, I’m okay with it.

Western Conference

The West is ultimately wide open this year in comparison to years back. I truly believe I could make a extremely strong argument for up to 5, maybe even 6, teams to end up in the WCF. The days of a 3, maybe 4, contenders is over and it’s opened up for sure.

Favorite Team: Phoenix Suns

I probably sound crazy for liking them, but before you try to dunk on me, hear me out. As I already have said, this conference is open for the taking. The Suns have been relatively free from the injury bug, which means they have played together a lot, and it showed by their record. Do they have Kawhi? No. Do they have LeBron? No. But they have a very savvy Chris Paul who is one of the best leaders in the NBA. They have a devastating scorer in D. Book. And great defense to go along with them. I think far too often we down play how much chemistry means. They are well rounded, play well together, and have plenty of pieces to make a run and prevail out of this competitive, but open conference.

Series to watch: Lakers vs Warriors

Firstly, I’m writing this before the play in tournament starts so if something weird happens, forget I said this. Now to my reasoning. The Lakers have definitely had their season turned upside down because of injury, but why is everyone expecting them to just flip the switch for the playoffs? I get it. They have LeBron, but even with how great he is, we have seen how hard it is sometimes to just try to come back in the NBA Playoffs and turn the switch on. Steph has been playing out of his absolute mind lately and that should scare every single team. Now I am fully aware that the Lakers are a much better team. All I am saying is if the Lakers start the series slow, and Steph decides he is just gonna go scorched Earth on everyone, we could easily see a upset here.

Sneaky Team: Portland Trail Blazers

Portland seems to be flying under the radar even more than previous years. Listen, I’m not saying they should be in your top 3 of teams who will win the West, but with how open this conf. Is, who knows. I know playoff success and Portland don’t normally go together, but hear me out. They have offense, the are capable rebounders, and if they can find ways to slow other teams down they’ll have a chance. With a back court like Portland has you can never count them out. They are as good as anyone offensively, and are not scared to just trade buckets if need be. Do I love them? No. Is there a reason they are overlooked? Yes. But when I look at the playoff bracket I don’t hate their path.

Eastern Conference

Favorite Team: Brooklyn Nets

I feel like this is a obvious one. I hate the chalkiness of this pick but sometimes that’s how it goes. They have 3 MVP level guys, good shooters around those guys, and defensive and roll players. I’d never lay the -120 for them to win the East just because of the odds, but if you ask me who is going to win, the answer is clear.

Favorite Series: Knicks vs Hawks

Looking at the playoff bracket currently this is the only series where I don’t feel strongly one way or the other in the East. The Knicks are the Cinderella story, and the Hawks are the young up and coming team with promising talent. I live the Knicks and their story, but in terms of this series I don’t really see them keeping that up. The Hawks are so damn athletic. They have a star in Trae Young who can seemingly do whatever he wants sometimes and John Collins who for starters has a kick ass last name, along with being insanely athletic and skilled. Give me Atlanta here, but that’ll be it for them.

Sneaky Team: Boston Celtics

Even though I’ve declared twitter war on Boston I still think they are arguably the 3rd most dangerous team in the East. All year long I’ve lost money on the C’s because I constantly bet on them right before they lay an absolute egg of a game and disgrace every Celtics fan….who to be fair aren’t exactly the best fans in the world to begin with but I digress.

If you look at their lineup they have a legitimate roster that should normally compete with any team. They have offense, the have defense, they have had young roll players start contributing more lately, and are set up to be a solid team. The fluctuating of their playing level scares the hell out of me, and I hate them for emptying my wallet, but they are the drug I can’t get off of. Don’t be shocked to see them make a playoff run.

Let the games begin

There you have it folks. The end all, be all NBA Playoffs blog. I poured 10’s of minutes of my life writing this masterpiece for you all, and if Ryan or Jeremy have one ill word to say about it I might lose my mind. Like always I’ll be right and they’ll half way acknowledge that I was right all the while blaming some other reason for why they were wrong. One day these young fellers will learn. One day.

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