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Well, here we are. We have entered this part of the year where it’s still too early to fully make assumptions, but it’s also been a large enough sample size to start forming opinions based on current statistics & trends. Today we’ll briefly go over a few thoughts I have on the current state of MLB gambling.

Gambling Thoughts to Watch

Chicago Cubs Getting Hot

As a Cardinals fan this makes me sick, but it’s true. The Cubs are as hot as it possibly gets. I don’t really like how hot & cold the bats can get, nor do I love the pitching but I can’t deny how well this team is playing. I’d highly suggest riding this wave. Until the Cubs lose 2 in a row I can assure you I’ll either have them ML, or run line every game.

White Sox vs Lefties

If you are a true gambler and don’t know this stat by now, then stop gambling. This is strictly for the casual gamblers who may not have paid attention. The White Sox absolutely murder lefties. The right handed batters on the White Sox are hitting a combined .298 this year. Absolutely no right handed pitcher is safe against this team. Whenever you see the White Sox vs a lefty, hammer the White Sox no questions asked.

Tampa Bay Rays Undervalued

Even with their extremely impressive 35-22 start to the season, we’ve seen consistent lines being set that don’t fully value the Rays great. This team has proven to be more than capable of beating other top teams but it’s not unusual to see them at +140 or better odds, which is insane. Aside from certain pitching matchups I see no reason they should be that large of dogs against any team. As long as the pitching matchup is decent I’ll happily take a value bet on them anytime they’re +130 or better.

Listen, I know this is short compared to most of my blogs, but give me a break. I’ve got a life to live outside of writing blogs for you 3 loyal readers. I promise once I find some damn free time I’ll be make up for this short blog by writing some absolutely absurd gambling blog. Side note. If you aren’t following my Nascar blogs, you’re legitimately throwing away money. I’ve looked up other respected Nascar cappers on the internet. None of them are even close to me in terms of recent record. I’m literally the best and will happily defend that statement!

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