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Gambling Cheat Sheet: MLB Betting Trends

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, gather all around. In this installment of the prestigious Gambling Cheat Sheet we are going to be going over a few MLB betting trends to use/watch going forward.

Why are trends important? Well, dummies, let me learn you something. Trends are arguably the most useful things to know when gambling. Why, you might ask? Well that’s simple. Obviously the standard statistics are extremely important, but you can find even more info from the use of understanding trends.

Home/Away & Favorites Betting Trends

Favorites are 238-210 overall. (53.1%).

Home favorites are 156-132. (54.2%).

Home underdogs are 79-75. (51.3%).

Home teams overall 235-217. (52%).

Away underdogs 132-156. (45.8%).

Away favorites 82-78. (51.3%).

Away teams overall 217-235. (48%).

Looking over these statistics they all can be useful, but one sticks out to me. Home underdogs hitting at 51.3% is extremely interesting to me. Assuming most of these dogs are at +120 or longer odds hitting at over 51% is a recipe for profits.

Interesting ATS trend

61.3% of underdogs overall are covering the spread, and 62.6% of away dogs are covering the spread. Keep that in mind going forward. Pretty clear trend here.

O/U Trend (or lack there of)

Looking at the trends for totals I don’t really see any advantage either way. 48% of all non extra ending games hit the over, and 50% are hitting the under with 2% being a push. If you include the extra inning, and non extra inning games combined the over is only hitting at 50.1% which clearly doesn’t indicate a clear edge either way.

Top 3 team trends

– The Rays are 8-2 in over bets for their last 10 games.

The Royals have hit the over in 5 straight games.

– The Astros have only covered the run line 2 times in their last 10.


Blog used statistics & trends gathered on Thursday, May 6th. Depending on the publishing date/time some these will change a little, but the overwhelming sentiment will still be the same.