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It Must Be Pretty Cool To Be Eddy Alvarez

Some people are fortunate enough to play Major League Baseball. Other people have been able to win a medal at the Summer Olympics. Others have won one at the Winter Olympics. Only one has done all three, however, and that’s Miami Marlins utility man Eddy Alvarez.

That’s pretty damn cool.

Olympic Glory

Eddy Alvarez and Team USA captured the silver medal at the Summer Games this weekend. This came after a tough 2-0 loss to Japan in the gold medal game. He also won a silver medal at the 2014 Winter Games as a speed-skater in the 5,000-meter relay. It’s rare for a person to possess two superior skillsets in such vastly different areas. Alvarez though, has been elite in two sports, and has done it with the American flag on his chest.

Someone as competitive as him surely laments not capturing gold. The Russian team that bested the Americans by less than 0.3 seconds in the Winter Olympics has been marred by doping scandals since then. As for the loss to Japan, Team USA simply couldn’t figure out Japan’s pitching staff, though Alvarez got one of the team’s six hits on the day. Both of his silver medals feature a dollop of what-if, but it doesn’t make them any less impressive.

Eddy Alvarez is among the most unique and accomplished Olympic athletes ever.

Miami Marlins Career

Alvarez’s first big league action came last season when he got a cup of coffee for the Miami Marlins, playing in 12 games. Now that the Olympics are over and Alvarez can return to the organization, will we see more of him in the Majors?

I think yes.

Don Mattingly has openly admitted Alvarez had an excellent chance of being with the big league club had be not gone to play in Tokyo, though he understands why he chose to represent his country. Alvarez is hitting .312/.470/.442 in the Minors this season. It makes perfect sense for the Marlins to give him another call-up and see what he can do for the last few months of a losing season. This wouldn’t be a gimmick. He’d get the call because he’s a damn good ballplayer.

Alvarez is on the older side (31) for a player trying to carve a niche for himself in the Major Leagues. After everything he’s accomplished as an athlete however, are you really counting him out?