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Everyone Should Follow the Sacramento River Cats for Drew Robinson

Minor League baseball is very much a regional thing. If there happens to be a team in your area, odds are you’ve been to a game or two. But for baseball fans who did not grow up near a Minor League ballpark, you don’t much pay attention to farm clubs most seasons, instead sticking to MLB. Most seasons are not like this one, however, as the Sacramento River Cats have a player named Drew Robinson, who might be the most incredible story in all of sports right now.

How He Got Here

You’ve probably heard it by now. Drew Robinson survived a suicide attempt in April of last year. He lost his right eye as a result of his self-inflicted gunshot wound, along with his sense of smell and taste. Since then, he’s done his part to speak about his personal struggles and raise awareness about mental health issues.

Oh, and he’s also been playing a little baseball too.

Robinson played in the Majors in parts of three seasons, for the Cardinals and Rangers, before his suicide attempt. After losing his eye, however, one would have expected his career to be over. His issues were compounded by the fact that it was his right eye, the lead eye as a left-handed hitter. Drew Robinson is a special kind of person, though.

He re-signed with the San Francisco Giants in November of last year, less than seven months after his suicide attempt. He is now playing with the Sacramento River Cats, the Triple-A affiliate of the Giants.

What’s Next

What’s next is we root like hell for this guy. It’s a miracle Drew Robinson is still alive, let alone playing high-level professional baseball. His story is already fit for a screenplay. If you’re a baseball fan, or even a person simply interested in captivating stories, you should be following the Sacramento River Cats this season. Robinson is off to a slow start through his first three games, but you better believe he has people across the country pulling for him, people who have probably never heard of the River Cats before. That’s what happens when you inspire people like Drew Robinson has since he nearly met his end.

Here’s hoping we see him in Oracle Park very soon.