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DraftKings Week 1: Early Preview

Did you know that DraftKings already released its salaries for Week 1 of the NFL Season? What morons. Week 1 is the perfect time to put it all on the line, as you can get complete steals with some of these players. Time to feed my gambling addiction.


My high-end QB to avoid is Philip Rivers at $6,400, facing off versus the Chiefs at home. The Chiefs secondary is projecting to be downright dogshit in 2018, making him a popular choice among players. However, in his past three games against the Chiefs at home, Rivers has tallied: 6.9, 16.9, and 6.5 points in DraftKings scoring. Let the noobs take Rivers. Instead, go cheap and grab Case Keenum at $5,100, who will be playing the Seattle defense in the first week at home. Yes, the same Seattle defense that will roll out the Legion of Gloom in the secondary.

Running Backs

Bruh. Rex Burkhead is the starting running back on the New England Patriots…and costs $4,200. This has to be a joke. You have to have him in your lineups. Insane value. Another player with insane value? Jamaal Williams for $4,000. He’ll be the starting running back for the Packers in week one. Wait for a second…it’s J.Williams, but not Jamaal. That dude on the Saints, Johnathan Williams???? There goes my perfect lineup.

My bad.

Screw it, I’ll throw Rob Kelley from the Washington Redskins in there. He’s even cheaper at $3,500, and with the Guice injury could have some great value. But if you want to buy a pick with more upside, go with Alex Collins at $5,600. He’s probably going to be heavily-owned, but going up against the Bills run defense could bode very well. With our frugal approach so far now its time to make it rain with wide receivers. Remember: DraftKings is PPR.

Wide Receivers

Time to spend some money. Antonio Brown at $8,600 is the most expensive receiver on the board. Against the Browns in week one last season? He scored 32.2 fantasy points. Lock him in. Other receivers include stacking with your quarterback; Demaryius Thomas at $5,700 and Emmanuel Sanders at $5,000. Then add Doug Baldwin at $6,200 to the mix, and your team will be looking mighty fine if that game ends up being high scoring.

Tight Ends

With our smart spending, we have enough money to take the best tight end on the board, Rob Gronkowski at $6,900. Because of course what else would his price be at? If you want to go cheaper though, target guys with opportunities for touchdowns. Evan Engram at $4,700 could be a nice play, with the Jaguars defense focusing more on the Giants’ outside wide receivers. Even cheaper is David Njoku at $3,400, who has the definite touchdown upside, and will surely be avoided by most. His matchup appears on DraftKings as the worst. Buy low baby, buy low.


Why are we still drafting defenses/special teams? Fuck you, DraftKings. FIX. THIS. SHIT. Defenses are super volatile, and much can change until September 9th. For now, I am slotting in the Giants DST at $2,600. Two words: Blake Bortles. I can see the pick-sixes now.

My DraftKings Lineup Suggestion (Winner’s Lineup)

So what’s our lineup look like?

  • QB Case Keenum – $5,100
  • RB Rex Burkhead – $4,200
  • RB Alex Collins – $5,600
  • WR Antonio Brown – $8,600
  • WR Doug Baldwin – $6,200
  • WR Demaryius Thomas – $5,700
  • TE Rob Gronkowski – $6,900
  • FLEX Emmanuel Sanders – $5,000
  • DST Giants – $2,600
  • $100 left over 🙂