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From Morry Gash, AP Photo

Cameron Krutwig Embodies the Beauty of March Madness

Cameron Krutwig. Have you seen that guy? If you saw Cameron Krutwig on the street and he told you he just led his Loyola Chicago team to the Sweet 16 by dominating a #1 seed in Illinois, would you believe him?

You might have to. Because if you acknowledge the essence of March Madness, you know that this is one of the few arenas where a guy who looks like Krutwig can dominate players with far brighter basketball futures than him. Absolutely humiliate them. Make it look like he’s the one who should be a lottery pick. Every Cinderella team seems to have those guys. Krutwig, the 6’9″, 255 lb senior center with a mustache and receding hairline, is Loyola’s, just like he was in 2018 when he helped them reach the Final Four.

That’s the Madness of March Madness, baby.

Appreciate Krutwig

Cameron Krutwig might be playing the most meaningful basketball he will every play. Perhaps a team takes a flier on him late in the first round or in the second round of this year’s NBA Draft, perhaps they don’t. I think we can all assume he won’t be able to have his way with his opponents at the next level, however.

So appreciate Loyola’s star center in Cameron Krutwig. Every time you see him lumbering down the court looking for the open man, understand that this might be one of the last times he ever does that kind of thing. The next time he unleashes a flurry of dad-at-the-YMCA moves on his hapless defender, make sure to take a mental picture. It is very unclear how much longer the 22-year old center will play basketball competitively. I hope he gets a shot and plays for a long time, but that’s the reality of the situation.

Show Krutwig your respect. For at the core of every miraculous NCAA Tournament run is a Cameron Krutwig. I hope the Ramblers make it to another Final Four with Krutwig leading the way. Big #25 is the magic that gets people hooked to March Madness.