Most Annoying Teams in Major League Sports

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Born and raised near Chicago, IL. Huge fan of the Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, and Cubs. Currently in my junior year of college at Indiana State University. Sports enthusiast, fitness fanatic, and music lover.

To clarify, when I say annoying, I mean teams that irk sports fans. Not hatred of the team, but just annoyed by their presence or actions. Through their ridiculous payrolls, an overrated status, or players that are hated across the league. I know in my own case there are teams that I can’t stand. Sometimes its because they have the ability to buy whoever they want when other teams can’t even lure one free agent. Or when analysts and experts claim this team is going to win it all this year, when in reality, they suck. This is purely my opinion, and obviously, there could be millions of fans for these teams. I’m just stating the most annoying teams to me in Major League sports.

Dallas Cowboys

I’m pretty sure this applies to a lot more people than me, but the Cowboys annoy the hell out of me. All the media does is talk about Jerry Jones or what’s going to happen with Zeke and Dak. Now more than ever, since Dak is a free agent, the media isn’t going to stop their coverage on him until he’s signed. Moreover, I hate the term “America’s Team.” The Cowboys are not America’s Team. Root for whoever you want. Stop calling them America’s Team.

All eyes are on Dak this off-season

The fact that the Cowboys have potentially one of the worst defenses ever and they still get attention is even more annoying. They lost the NFC East this year to the better Washington Football Team. And no, I don’t think they’re winning the division next season unless they keep Dak and significantly improve their defense. And I mean, SIGNIFICANTLY. For now, the Cowboys are irrelevant. They aren’t contenders. Stop thinking so highly of this team until they actually shows signs of success.

New York Yankees/Mets

This might just be because they are in New York, but the hype the New York teams get is crazy. People have the Mets winning the NL East this season. I get it, they got Lindor, McCann, and their rotation is great. I still think they are a couple pieces away from being World Series contenders. They could use another bullpen arm, and possibly, some more depth on the bench. The Mets have gotten better, but don’t count out the Atlanta Braves, who have steamrolled this division for several years. Washington is trying to comeback, Miami features a lot of young talent, and Philly’s offense is looking good. The NL East will be one of the most competitive divisions in baseball this year. Don’t pop the champagne yet, Mets fans.

Lindor will help, but can the Mets win the division?

The Yankees don’t annoy me because of their hype. They are a contender. It’s their payroll that irks me. The Yankees can get whoever they want. They can just throw big numbers at free agents to come play for them. Their payroll is around $145 million. The Rays payroll in 2020 was $28.3 million. Yeah. And Tampa Bay still made the World Series and took it two six games against LA (more on them next). With how much money New York has to offer, you’d think they have more championships by now.

Los Angeles Dodgers

When Trevor Bauer signed with LA, that was just a prime example of the Dodgers being able to get whoever they want. The similarities between the Dodgers and Yankees is uncanny. Unlimited hype, unlimited cap space, unlimited coverage. Now, the Dodgers did win the World Series in 2020, but is that really shocking? This team has Cody Bellinger, Justin Turner, Clayton Kershaw, Mookie Betts (signed a $300+ million contract when acquired), Trevor Bauer joined, and so many more stars. It’s really a shame to see a team like LA and NY have so much money to spare, when teams like Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Tampa Bay are strapped for cash.

Of course the Dodgers got Bauer

Golden State Warriors/Miami Heat

This doesn’t apply currently to these teams, but when each of them had their superteams going, it got pretty annoying. KD, Steph, Klay. LeBron, DWade, Bosh. Each team made several Finals appearances with their squads, but it got pretty boring to see the same teams make the Finals every year. Now, when the Heat made the Finals last season, and it was pretty special because they didn’t have a star aside from Jimmy Buckets. They had several impactful youngsters, but not a second star. Like I said, these two teams were only annoying when they had their superteams.

This was just insane

*NOTE* I did not do NHL, MLS, or WNBA because I am not too familiar on the teams

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