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Lorraine Grohs is after the wrong guy

In other news, a woman named Lorraine Grohs has reportedly not slept for two whole days because Tom Brady tossed the trophy her dad designed, and is demanding an apology from him.

That…is hilarious.

Quintessential “Karen”

Lorraine Grohs looks exactly like the kind of “let me speak to the manager.”, “do you live in this area?”, “how dare you toss the trophy daddy designed!” lady you’d expect.

The kids are calling these “Karens.” Lorraine Grohs is the poster child for Karens everywhere. You could have designed her in a lab and she would not have come out any more perfect than she is right now. If the Karens ever organize, I nominate Lorraine Grohs as President and CEO.

Why Brady?

From Hylights

Tom Brady made headlines for throwing the Lombardi Trophy from one boat to another during the Super Bowl LV boat parade. Grohs alleges Brady disrespected not only her and her family legacy, but all silversmiths everywhere. I don’t think I need to waste any time pointing out how ridiculous this is and how Lorraine needs to pull the enormous stick out of her ass and find something better to be upset about, so I won’t. What I’d like to know is why this woman is singling out Brady, when his teammate, Rob Gronkowski, has shown more “disrespect” for the Lombardi Trophy than any person ever has.

Super Bowl LIII Trophy

From CBS Sports

If tossing the trophy is an unforgivable sin, why did Grohs not throw a conniption when Gronk dented the trophy by using it as a baseball bat during the Patriots’ SB LIII victory celebration at Fenway Park? That’s ok, but throwing it from one boat to another isn’t? C’mon, Lorraine.

Gronkowski hasn’t even touched the Super Bowl LV trophy yet, as the Bucs seem keen on keeping it away from him. It’s pretty obvious why.

Be better, Lorraine

Lorraine. Lighten up a little, huh? You guys make a new one of these every year. Nothing bad happened to the latest one. Tom Brady doesn’t owe you an apology. The more spotlight the trophy gets the better, right?

But, if you’d still like to air out your grievances, maybe direct them at #87 instead of #12. Oh, and do it two years ago. You’re late to the “offended by acts against the Lombardi Trophy” party.