WR JuJu Smith-Schuster Suggests He Is Leaving Team This Offseason

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Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster has never turned down an opportunity to stir the pot, especially not now being on the verge of free agency. In the past few days, Smith-Schuster has taken every opportunity he could to rile up fans and the media alike, using his Twitch streams and voting on Instagram polls. We’ll see how the next week plays out, but it’s looking like JuJu won’t be a Steeler in 2021.

“Free Man”

The speculation has been fierce all offseason, but Smith-Schuster first said he would be sporting new colors on March 10th. While streaming the popular shooter game “Fortnite,” Juju titled his stream “March 17th, FREE MAN…” For those of you that don’t know, March 17th is when the new NFL league year and free agency start. Smith-Schuster has messed around with the idea of moving to another team previously on his streams, usually sporting costumes of various other team’s uniforms. This is the first time he has said something direct like this, however.

As if this wasn’t a clear enough sign, Smith-Schuster also voted “That’s A Negative” on an Instagram poll speculating about his return. Sports Illustrated journalist Kaitlin O’Toole posted a poll asking her followers what they thought about JuJu’s situation. Smith Schuster quickly voted no, apparently being one of the first five people to do so.

Nothing is Official

It sure looks like JuJu Smith-Schuster will be catching a flight out of Pittsburgh soon, but I wouldn’t go betting on it yet. As I’ve said previously, Smith-Schuster loves the spotlight, and his shenanigans recently have certainly put him there. I wouldn’t put it above JuJu to fabricate this to gain some hype. The problem is that the Steelers are currently just barely squeezing under the cap. Smith-Schuster will probably demand a significant amount more than we can pay him. In the end, the only person who knows where JuJu’s plans for the next year is the man himself. We will all just have to wait and see what happens. Buckle up.

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