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Why Tampa is Finally Going to Win it All

It’s been a long journey for the Tampa Bay Lightning, but it finally seems that this is going to be their year. Dallas is an excellent team with power forwards and a solid defensive structure, but they are no match for the momentum Tampa has right now. Expect to...

Why the Tampa Bay Lightning Will Claim the Eastern Conference Championship

It comes as no shock that Tampa Bay has made it this far. For years, it seems as though they’ve been on the edge of something great and have never been able to get over that final mountain on the climb to victory. This year can be different, though… if...

Are the Philadelphia Flyers Really Good Enough to beat the New York Islanders?

Two teams with a daringly equal chance. The Eastern Conference Finals is the prize. This is what playoff hockey is all about. For the first time since 1987, the Islanders and Flyers will battle it out. Of course, this best of seven second round series of the Stanley...
Bruins Battle Carolina During Hurricane Season

Bruins Battle Carolina During Hurricane Season

So two teams walk into the Scotiabank Arena to play a hockey game…. There’s no real punchline other than the Bruins game was postponed after the Lightning and Blue Jackets played five overtimes. To make light of the Boston Bruins’ round-robin performance would...

Seattle Kraken: A Team Nickname Review

Seattle Kraken: A Team Nickname Review

    Team nicknames have been in the news much more than usual lately. In a welcome change, the publicity for the newest NHL franchise, the Seattle Kraken, isn’t because of racism, but because it unveiled its new name and logo today. I’ve set out to create a...


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