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Holy shit, fellas. As I write this at 1 pm central time, only having been knees deep in March Madness gambling for like 14 hours, I feel like I’ve been slinging bullets in ‘Nam. My sportsbook accounts “settled bets” list looks like a damn battlefield. I’m crawling through the mud, knife in my teeth, gun at the ready, and on the steady lookout for winners for you guys like the Rambo of gambling.

Yesterday was a rollercoaster ride of emotions, but ended really well as I finished the day up 5 units. March Madness is marathon, so please don’t be on of these morons out here gambling 100 units on 1 day, and losing the majority of their bankroll right out of the gate. Anyone need a quick explanation on what a “unit” is? Okay let’s get this shit over quickly.

A “unit” is simply the term you use to define the amount you bet on a game. If you are someone who bets $50 on all your bets, a unit for you is $50. If you bet $100 on every game, a unit for you is $100. Get it? If one of you turds say your betting 50 units, when you mean you’re betting $50, I’ll call you out every time, because it could possibly confuse guys just getting into gambling, and make it tougher for them to follow, so get your shit together you dweebs.

Okay let’s get to the meat of this gambling blog. The sweet taste you sick, sick people need. That’s right, the picks. Seeing as I’m writing this too late in the early, mid day game window already, and I’m not sure when this will be published, I’m going to focus more on the later games today. Let’s get this shit.

Iowa: -4

Iowa comes into this game rested, and ready for whatever Wisconsin throws at them. This year I’ve been consistently making money taking Wisconsin in spots like this, but I just can’t do it today. Wisconsin blowing a 18 point lead with 7 minutes left last night was something I can’t forget. Sure, they got a last possession stop, and won the game, but they deserved to lose that game. Iowa’s ability to go inside/out, Shoot from the perimeter, and battle on the boards gives them a clear advantage here. Give me the team with the best player on the floor, the better shooters from distance, and the better inside scorer. No need to toss out analytical data when one team is better overall, and just playing better at the moment, just take Iowa -4. (1 unit)

Nevada: +8

Nevada and San Diego State match up for a game tonight that is on my list as a must watch. I have seen both of these teams a decent amount this year and I expect this to be an amazing game from start to finish. Nevada comes in averaging 72 ppg in a style that is what I’d call controlled aggression. They are constantly looking to push the ball, but play with a certain calmness that is rare to see from a high paced team. Taking their average offense, and defense they average out a +5 per game this year, which for you dummies means they average roughly 5 more points scored per game, than given up per game. San Diego State is coming in at 18-6 ATS in their last 24 games, and while having similar offensive numbers statistically as Nevada, their defensive numbers are much, much better.

Statistically speaking SDS would definitely be the play here, but I’ve been watching Nevada play extremely well, and trend in the right direction as of late while SDS has slowed down a bit recently and just doesn’t seem the same as early this year. They’ve also played each other tight previously this year. If you asked me who the better team is as a whole, I’d tell you San Diego State, if you ask me who is going to cover in this game, I say Nevada. Also, LOVE the over at 137.5, and would love it all the way up to 139.5. and don’t hate a sprinkle at the Nevada moneyline at +300. (1 unit)

Oregon 1st Half: -4.5

Oregon and Oregon State is an interesting matchup between two teams who split their two regular season matchups. The Ducks, for those of you who don’t know, are coached by Dana Altman who is someone who is known for consistently improving his team throughout a season and preparing them for post season play. Oregon also has the 2nd best player in the pac12 in Chris Duarte (was voted player of the year by the AP, but not the coaches). Any doubt that Oregon isn’t a dangerous team was forgotten with last night’s 18 point thumping over Arizona State.

Overall Oregon is the better team here, and Oregon State has made a habit of trailing at the half by going into halftime down in each of their last 6 games. Give me the better coach, better offensive team against a team who is consistently coming out of the gate slow and I’ll give you 4.5 points in the first half every single day, and twice on Sundays. I do see this game being close somewhere in the second half, but I love the 1st half line. (2 units)

Illinois: -7.5

This is just a good old fashion fuck you game for Illinois. You don’t think they want to say fuck you to the entire conference after getting robbed on almost every conference award imaginable? That’s all they have been thinking about this week. The big 10 just pissed off the big bad wolf that is Illinois and unfortunately poor little Rutgers is going to get destroyed so hard that it’ll be trending on Pornhub by the end of the night.

Rutgers beat them in a flukey, close game early this year, but it won’t happen again. Illinois is clearly better at every position, and I see them cruising in this one. Take Illinois and don’t be afraid to sell a point or two to make it Illinois -8.5 for even or plus money depending on your book.(I like the over here also, but don’t love it) (3 units at 7.5, 1 unit if selling points)

Normally I like to list off 5-6 different games that I like the spots of, but as I sit here at work, typing a grammatically poor article off my phone, just to get a few gambling picks up on the site for you degenerates, I decided to limit the picks to my favorite ones. Just to recap- Illinois -7.5, Nevada +8, Nevada over 137.5, Iowa -4, Oregon -4.5 1st half, and I lean the over in the Illinois game. Pick your spots, find games that you see an edge one way or the other in, and pick winners. Let’s go win some money so I can retire early.

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