Bauer vs Syndergaard. Battle of MLB Tools.

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Born and raised in Miami, Florida. I used to play baseball for a living; I walked a lot and didn't hit enough. Now I write words for a living and drop absolute bombs every Sunday for my men's league team.

The Sopranos is more groundbreaking than it is good.

Bauer vs Syndergaard. Two elite MLB pitchers (at times). Two athletes willing to interact on social media. And two young men who enjoy behaving like tools.

It all started when Syndergaard poked fun at Bauer on Twitter, who recently apologized to the Mets organization for leading them on during his drawn-out free agency. Bauer fired back by taking a jab at Syndergaard’s injury history, while the latter eventually brought up Bauer’s unfortunate playoff drone incident with the Indians.

Most of these barbs were relatively light, until Bauer brought up some of Syndergaard’s truly ugly moments. Interactions with fans in which he was an absolute asshole. Bauer has his own experience doing similar things, so it was a bit of a pot calling the kettle black-type exchange.

Regardless of if you’re on Team Noah or Team Trevor, let’s make sure we understand one thing here: this Twitter spat was a battle between two 80-grade tools, even through they are two 80-grade tools of a different make and model.

Trevor Bauer: The Self-Acknowledged Tool


Trevor Bauer is a tool. He’s been vicious on social media towards his critics. He hasn’t always been the greatest teammate. And in arguably the most spectacular display of toolishness ever seen on a baseball diamond, he chucked a baseball over the fence in 2019 as his manager approached the mound to take him out.

You have to give Bauer one thing, though. He owns it. Trevor Bauer seems very aware of who he is and how many people see him. It doesn’t appear to bother him, though, since he’s often doubled down on these behaviors as more people are critical of them. Love him or hate him (there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground) you know what you’re getting with Trevor Bauer.

Noah Syndergaard: The Closet Tool

From the New York Post

Noah Syndergaard is also a tool. Some people are put off by the steady influx of shirtless pics, pointing to that as evidence of his toolery. I don’t care personally, but I get how some people are annoyed by it. His treatment of his critics online, however? Yeeeesh.

Noah Syndergaard, though, unlike Trevor Bauer, doesn’t seem to embrace being a tool. His brand is still “super-hot-and-talented-guy-who’s-also-witty-and-relatable-from-time-to-time.” Well I’m not buying it. He, just like Trevor Bauer, is overly-sensitive and vitriolic any time someone questions him in any way. Like a true toolbag.

I’m on neither guy’s side in Bauer vs Syndergaard, for what it’s worth. I think a little beef like this is good for baseball, and I hope these two face off against each other at some point this season and/or postseason. They’re both incredible pitchers when things are breaking right for them, pun intended.

They’re just also tools. In one way or another.

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